• InterCommunity Health Care Secured $1.8 Million to Expand Primary and Behavioral Health Care Facilities in the North End of Hartford

    InterCommunity Health Care Secured $1.8 Million to Expand Primary and Behavioral Health Care Facilities in the North End of Hartford

    Hartford, Connecticut ­— InterCommunity Health Care secured $1.8 million to expand primary and behavioral health care facilities located at 16/40 Coventry Street in the North End of Hartford. Senator Richard Blumenthal and Senator Chris Murphy both advocated at the federal level for the expansion of services that address health disparities in the community.

    “InterCommunity Health Care is a beacon of hope for many families who are uninsured but in need of care. This federal grant of $1.8 million will help expand their primary and mental health care services by hiring new, skilled healthcare workers and upgrading their facilities. This is a major investment in the health and well-being of the Hartford community, and I am proud to have fought for it.” — Senator Richard Blumenthal

    InterCommunity witnessed firsthand the need for same-day services for primary care, behavioral health, and addiction recovery. InterCommunity’s 16 Coventry Street campus serves more than 2,000 individuals yearly, with most of the clients living in the area code 06112. Last year, over 1,400 individuals accessed detox services at the 500 Blue Hills Avenue withdrawal management facility. Funding will also help address health disparities in the community.

    “This funding will help us to expand our facility which in turn will allow us to provide safer, more secure, and even higher quality services for more patients and staff in the North End of Hartford. The expansion will allow us to hire at least 12 more qualified staff members and expand services to 2,000 more individuals. We are so grateful to Senator Blumenthal and Senator Murphy for helping us to secure this money!” — Kim Beauregard, President and CEO of InterCommunity

    According to the Health Resources and Services Administration UDS Mapper tool, “14,300 residents living in zip code 06112 are not utilizing health centers, 2,760 are low-income, and 663 are uninsured. The area surrounding the clinic also has a mental health and primary care professional shortage area.” [1]

    Senator Chris Murphy, who advocated alongside Senator Blumenthal, for the funding stated that “Local health centers are so important to making sure low-income and uninsured people have access to needed medical care. I’m proud that with these federal dollars InterCommunity will be able to hire more staff, provide more services, and see more patients. This is going to be a game changer for improving physical and mental health outcomes for people in the North End.”

    For more information about InterCommunity Health Care, visit: www.intercommunityct.org. Stay tuned for the “ExpandHope06112” crowdfunding page, which aims to raise additional dollars for the expansion project.

    About InterCommunity
    The mission of InterCommunity is to inspire hope and promote whole-person health by providing high-quality, affordable, compassionate healthcare for everyone.
    InterCommunity provides a wide range of health and wellness services, education, and leadership that our community can trust. With a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we strive to advance health outcomes.

    Media Contact:
    Venton Forbes
    Development Director
    InterCommunity, Inc.
    860-990-4756 Mobile

    [1] “HRSA UDS Mapper.” UDS Mapper. Health Resources and Services Administration. 2022. http://www.udsmapper.org.

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