• The Importance of Recycling Old Technology

    The Importance of Recycling Old Technology

    The Importance of Recycling Old Technology
    It is alarming that 83% of global electronics waste is not recycled and ends up in landfills. Toxic chemicals like lead, mercury and nickel can be released into the soil and water. It is also a waste of natural resources. Precious metals like gold, silver, copper and aluminum can be recovered from circuit boards. These materials can be reused to manufacture new products instead of mining the Earth for more metals.
    The Growing E-Waste Problem
    Device manufacturers are overproducing technology products and force the old ones to become obsolete quickly. This churn-and-burn system will only make the global e-waste problem worse. It is estimated by the EPA this will increase 38% from 2020 to 2030.
    What We Can All Do As A Community
    Awareness of the problem is the first step. The more people who are informed, the more electronics junk will be properly discarded. Everyone can do their part. One way is to get your device repaired instead of buying a new one. The other way is by bringing old computers, phones and tablets to a responsible recycler.

    About our guest blogger:

    Jason Felber is a computer technician with 15 years of experience providing technical support to residents and businesses. He now uses his knowledge of computers to recycle old technology.  You can reach him through Glastonbury Electronics Recycling:  
    Electronics & Computer Recycling in Connecticut – Free Pickup! (recycleglastonbury.com)


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