• Grow your Business with a Chamber Membership 

  • Updated Membership Packages
    Effective September, 2021

    Benefits to ALL Members  


    • Business referrals & lead generation
    • Weekly Open Networking
    • Industry Specific LEADS Groups
    • Mastermind Roundtable Groups
    • Business After Hours networking events - Complimentary admission
    • Opportunities to host Business After Hours
    • "Member Only" pricing for special events
    • Ambassador Guidance
    • New Member Orientation & Onboarding
    • East of the River Chambers of Commerce Membership
    • Special SPARC Membership Level available for motivated professionals under the age of 40!
    • Volunteer Opportunities for community events
    • Private VIP Receptions for Legislative and Special Events  *included in Emerald Level Membership and above*


    • Members-Only website portal (MIC)
    • Online Chamber Member Directory Listing in multiple categories
    • Company News posted to Chamber social media platforms
    • Unlimited company email recipients
    • Job Posting Opportunities
    • Hot Deals and Member-to-Member Savings
    • New Member Feature shared on social media
    • Your Events listed in our Community Calendar
    • Health & Wellness Events Calendar
    • Ribbon Cuttings, with social media share
    • Membership Plaque and Window Cling
    • "Proud Chamber Member" Logo for website use
    • Weekly Member News to 3500+ recipients  *Sponsorship Opportunity
    • Sponsorship Opportunities for all budgets!

    Education and Advocacy

    • Legislative advocacy
    • Chamber Mentorship Program for SPARC and Entrepreneur Level members
    • SCORE mentoring from retired executives
    • Small Business Administration (SBA) Business Updates & Education
    • CT Small Business Development Center (CTSBDC) Business & Capital Resources
    • CBIA Partnership
    • Special Interest Groups & committees
    • Professional/Personal Development Programs


    Additional Benefits to Members (Extra Fees May Apply)

    • Paid ‘Chambertisement’ e-blast to our entire database of subscribers:  $150
    • New Resident Program:  Fees TBD   
    • Printed Member Roster:  $125   *included with Emerald Membership Level and above*
    • Newsletter Sponsorship:  $300 per quarter
    • Company Logo on Community Calendar:  $1,200/yr, $600/half year  *included with Emerald Membership Level*
    • Company Logo on Chamber Events Calendar:  $1,200/yr, $600/half year  *included with Ruby Membership Level*
    • Company Logo on Chamber Home Page:  $2400 per year  *included with Diamond Membership Level*
    • Get 25% off tuition at Goodwin University through our Workforce Partnership Program 


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  • New Member Guarantee:

    If a new member joins and they feel that they are not expanding their business contacts as a result of their membership after 90 days the Chamber will refund their dues.

    In order to qualify for the refund the new member would have to participate in three of the five activities listed below during those 90 days. These are activities we already know work to expand business contacts and build relationships (our member’s goal) and improve engagement (CRVCC goal). There would be no refund after 90 days.

    Those required activities would be:

    •  Attend the CRVCC New Member Orientation meeting
    • Attend at least TWO morning or afternoon leads group meeting
    • Attend a Business After Hours event and do their 30 second commercial
    • Meet with an Ambassador or Board member once during the first 90 days. The purpose of this meeting is to verify whether the member has expanded their business contacts.
    • Attend a Chamber Event

    The 90 days would begin the first full month after the initial membership dues have been paid. For example, if dues were paid 4/20/18 the 90 days would begin on 5/1/18 and run through the end of July.

    Updated 4/2018