SPARC is a group of young professionals in the capital city suburbs

    interested in personal growth, enhancing peer relations,

    giving back & defying the notion that there is nothing to do in CT.


    SPARC (Suburban Professionals Achieving Real Change) was founded in August 2017. The CT River Valley Chamber recognized a need for young professionals in the suburbs of Hartford to establish a hub for coming together. Our leadership team from throughout the region have agreed that SPARC will focus on altruism, education and social activities to promote personal growth, family enrichment and peer relations.  Those participating in SPARC join the Chamber at the SPARC Membership Level $125/year) and receive the benefits listed below.



    This membership group was created for young (and young-at-heart) professionals living in the capital city
    suburbs who are interested in focusing on giving back to the communities they dwell and work within,
    partaking in educational experiences to promote personal growth, and attending social activities to
    enhance peer relations and resources.

    SPARC Memberships are for individuals under the age of 40.  

    One company can host up to five individual SPARC memberships for its employees.  



    • Member pricing at all CT River Valley Chamber events
    • Online Chamber Directory listing and access
    • Access to SPARC's Slack channel
    • Ribbon Cutting for your membership at the Chamber office with social media promotion
    • Perks/discounts at local businesses who are Chamber Members
    • Volunteer opportunities for SPARC
    • Bring a friend to an event for free   **a SPARC Exclusive Benefit**
    • Enjoy our extensive list of Current Chamber Membership Perks and networking groups


    • Post events on Chamber Website calendar
    • Post events and information on the CT River Valley Chamber Facebook Community and SPARC Community Group pages
    • SPARC Social Media Spotlight (individual and business introduction on SPARC Facebook Page and LinkedIn)
    • Ribbon Cutting for your membership at the Chamber office with social media promotion

    Education, Mentorship & Engagement

    • Get 25% off tuition at Goodwin University through our Workforce Partnership Program 
    • Chamber Mentorship (get paired with a Chamber Member in your industry!)
    • Relationship with Chamber Ambassador with opportunities to grow your role in the Chamber
    • SPARC offers several ways for you to become involved with the organization & our mission whether it is being elected to the Executive Committee, spreading the word on our organization by serving as a SPARC Ambassador, joining a special committee or sponsoring an event or program.

    Ready to join?  Click here for our Membership Application

    For more information on sponsoring a SPARC event, please contact jessica@crvchamber.org 

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