• Unleash the Power of AI for Stunning Headshots! GUEST BLOG

    Unleash the Power of AI for Stunning Headshots!  GUEST BLOG

    AI is the most important new photography tool in years!

    I'm often asked about the new AI technology and how it will affect photographers. People have asked me, "Will we even need photographers?"

    The answer is YES!!

    We still need photographers to create the initial image.  Only a professional photographer can assure the proper lighting, exposure, composition, retouching, etc. But, I'm finding AI to be an incredible new tool that compliments my business and gives my clients a wide variety of new options.

    Take the following headshot. I shot it in studio on a white backdrop (the first image). My client asked to be put into an office environment. So, I found a stock image of an office interior (the second image), extracted the subject, and inserted him into the new image. More time consuming, but I do this regularly to serve my clients. I wondered what AI would do! The third and fourth images have a totally AI generated background. They were created in seconds! They may not be exactly what I was envisioning, but if I am not happy with a result, I can generate more images! I can keep trying until I have the result I (and the client) am looking for. Again, the professional headshot is still needed. But, AI gives a new tool to further refine the deliverable product.
    In fact, AI does a very poor job now of generating human features.  Fingers look distorted, eyes look misshapen. When it does generate a "human", it's a generic human. It's not YOU. You still need me for that headshot!

    Let's look at another sample. Same situation shot on a white background in the studio. The client wanted a natural feel, and we decided on a weeping willow tree in front of a pond. I found the appropriate stock image and composited the second photo below. What can AI do for an outdoor setting? Well, I used the same "weeping willow and pond" prompts and generated the third and fourth images.  Not bad!  In a few seconds, I have several options to choose from, and can continue to generate more. What a great benefit to serve clients' needs in getting them exactly what they're looking for!
    Let's take one more. What if I like the background, but just need to clean it up a bit? Normally, I do that anyway, so I don't need an AI tool for that. But, here is an image I took of a HS Senior in front of a flowering tree that she loved. The problem I saw was with the dirt in the foreground. Normally, I'd create grass from a clean spot of grass in another part of the image. But, here, the clean grass was hidden by the fence. The grass that was visible was in sunlight. I needed grass in shade. So, this would have been a challenge. I would need to find suitable grass in another image....at the same angle, same coloring, etc....and copy it into the image. Instead, I selected the area of the dirt I wanted to be replaced and let AI do the rest. In seconds, it replaced the grass. Realistically, with the right texture, coloring and direction of light! As a bonus, AI removed the soccer nets from the background, and even added a shadow for the distant tree. Wow! Again, I needed to create the initial photo. AI just helped me to finish it in a professional and artistic way. 
    To summarize my experience, I'm really happy with the new AI tool and the ability to bring new creative visions to my work. I know I'm going to be able to serve my clients on a new level!

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