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    Barter Business Unlimited is a barter exchange. Companies can buy and sell services and products using barter credits and keep cash in the bank. This is a great way to think out of the box for additional sales, to fill seats, sell empty hotel rooms, or fill a time slot. We're a B2B company and work with over 2,000 businesses in CT and Southern MA. We advertise and network your business 24/7. You really have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Call 860 583 2281 to get started.


    Sell what you have for what you need! Get it with BBU Barter today.
    I got all these services using BBU Barter credits rather than cash and it was so simple.
    Life is stressful! But it's a lot more comfortable because I work with BBU Barter.
    Can you believe I got all of these things with BBU Barter buy selling muffins at the bakery
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