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    Coaching and consulting to help businesses and businesspeople work at peak performance The Modern Observer Group is a team of coaches and consultants with diverse specialties, ranging from personal growth, process and operations and marketing and communication to economics and management. Founder Eric Lopkin has taken the core principles of tried and true management techniques and combined them with today’s technology to create a system that executives, entrepreneurs, and companies of all sizes can apply to succeed. The proprietary system is called Businetiks™.

    Our proprietary Businetiks process helps you:

    Learn the key elements to build success
    Make more money and have more time to enjoy more of your life
    Build your strategic plan and avoid common mistakes when putting it into action
    Identify your strengths and weaknesses to increase your performance
    Implement the essential steps to achieve your success

    The Modern Observer Group also runs networking events through the Empower Business Connection and produces books and podcasts through Exvadio Media.


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