• Simple, Significant Ways to Build a Customer Base for Your Connecticut River Valley Business

    Attracting new customers to your business is challenging enough. But keeping them around for the long haul can be even more difficult. Consumers have more options and expect more from brands than ever before. 


    So, how can you make your company stand out from the crowd? How can you acquire new customers while building loyalty along the way? Here is some practical advice from the Connecticut River Valley Chamber of Commerce to get you started!


    Use Services and Tools      


    If you are not currently using project management software, it should be a top priority going forward. Asana, Basecamp, Trello, and other tools can help keep your team on the same page for meeting deadlines and upholding work quality. And since financial management is what gets many businesses in trouble, make sure you are using online accounting tools for your bookkeeping, invoicing, and other financial tasks.


    A cloud bookkeeping system is a wise investment. It can provide your business with all the accounting tools you need to be successful from the start, while also protecting your information with cloud storage. Best of all, you won’t need to change systems as your business grows. The software can be expanded to meet your needs.


    There are plenty of other areas where tools can help, such as marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), productivity tracking, etc. Take time to research the market to see which tools are worth investing in for your company.


    Use Direct Response Marketing 


    There are several ways to implement direct response marketing, but each strategy encourages customers to act. For example, you can motivate customers to call your business, give their email addresses, or purchase your product or service with a single click.


    Direct response marketing only works when you optimize the content on your ads. You must learn the art of creating eye-catching, engaging ads to attract potential customers and turn leads into conversions. Keep in mind that most consumers notice ads that provide added value like lower prices, extra goodies, or free maintenance.


    Double Down on Customer Service


    An effective strategy will go a long way in helping your company attract and retain customers. But all your efforts will hinge on your ability to keep your customers satisfied. These days, consumers are more selective than ever because they have so many options. Go above and beyond in delivering on your promises, answering customer inquiries quickly, and constantly thinking of how you can improve your product or service.


    Take the time to get feedback from your customers, too. Work with your team to create a questionnaire or survey that you can send to current customers and post for potential new customers. You can use this handy tool to edit a PDF online as you draft questions and play with formatting with your team. The tool allows you to add comments, circle areas, highlight sections, and add virtual sticky notes as you work through problem areas. 


    Focus on Rewards      


    Every consumer likes rewards. If you really want to acquire and retain customers, put together a referral and/or loyalty program. Referral programs award current customers who have successfully invited other people to try your brand. Loyalty programs focus on retaining your current customers for the long term.


    Many loyalty programs are points-based, meaning you award points that can be used for future purchases. Generally, a large purchase will earn a customer more points than a small purchase. To attract newcomers, consider starting out each new customer with a specific number of points that they can apply immediately.


    Take Advantage of Social Media


    Finally, learn the ins and outs of promoting your brand on social media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others offer some of the most cost-effective opportunities for building brand awareness


    Along with creating impactful assets, you need to understand how to engage with consumers through posts, comments, and messaging. Building a solid social media presence can take your business further than you ever imagined.


    Attract, Keep, and Build Your Customer Base


    Acquiring and retaining customers requires you to develop and execute various strategies, and you will likely need to make many modifications over time. Look at your data, but don’t forget to ask your customers for their insights, too. Whether you’re marketing on social media or setting up a rewards program, implementing the tips above will get you off to a great start. But keep looking for other methods of attracting consumers and turning them into life-long customers!


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